Journal of Genetics

Journal of Genetics #

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Coverage: Journal of Genetics, from first publication (November 1910) to August 4, 2022
Size: 3,671 articles
Copyright: Copyright Springer Nature
License: Springer Nature TDM License
Credits: C.H. Pence and Nicola Bertoldi

How we got it #

PDFs for these articles were downloaded directly from Springer Nature, in accordance with their TDM policy.

Processing #

  • Bibliographic Information: Crossref
  • PMIDs, PMCIDs, and PubMed Manuscript IDs: PubMed scraping
  • Full text:
    • For articles from early-1999 and earlier (PDFs that contain scanned images rather than native digital text): OCR
    • Articles from late-1999 and later (with native digital text): text was extracted directly from PDFs
  • Keywords and Tags: “Subject” tags saved in Crossref have been preserved as tags.

Changelog #

  • Data Source Version 1 (2021-08-29): initial content import.