Insecta Mundi

Insecta Mundi #

This is a canonical data source description,

The current dataSourceVersion described by this documentation is 1. The dataSource name for this data is Insecta Mundi.

Coverage: Insecta Mundi, from its founding until June 2, 2021
Size: 1,367 articles
Copyright: CC-BY-NC 3.0
Credits: Stijn Conix, C.H. Pence

How we got it #

This data was downloaded from the mirror of the journal hosted at the Florida Virtual Campus.

Processing #

  • Plain Text:
    • “Old Series” (articles with volume and issue number, 1985–2006): OCR was re-run from each PDF file
    • “New Series” (articles with article number only, 2007-): text extracted from PDF files, initial two “title page” pages removed from each article
  • Metadata: These articles are not registered with CrossRef and have no DOIs; minimal metadata was extracted from the FLVC pages for each article.

Changelog #

  • Data Source Version 1 (2022-09-07): First import of IM data.