Eugenics Review

Eugenics Review #

This is a canonical data source description,
The current dataSourceVersion described by this documentation is 2. The dataSource name for this data is Eugenics Review.

Coverage: The journal Eugenics Review, from its founding in 1909 until its dissolution and renaming in 1968
Size: 4,003 articles
Copyright: PubMed Central
License: freely available from PubMed Central, courtesy of The Galton Institute
Credits: C.H. Pence, Nicola Bertoldi

How we got it #

These articles were downloaded directly from the PubMed Central website containing the Eugenics Review archive. All metadata was also collected from this same source (it is supplied in the HTML pages as <meta> tags).

Processing #

  • OCR to plain text: Unknown, performed by PMC. Plain text was extracted directly from the provided PDFs.
  • Metadata: Extracted from PMC pages.
  • Canonical JSON: Created directly from metadata and full text.
  • Keywords and Tags: There are no keywords or tags in this data source.
  • Cleaning: PDF files containing front matter, back matter, advertisements, or summaries of other literature do not have metadata available in PMC, and so were excluded.

Changelog #

  • Data Source Version 2 (2022-05-10): Day-zero bugfix release for author name parsing.
  • Data Source Version 1 (2022-05-10): First import of entire print run directly from PMC.